Effects of a heavy top quark on low energy data using the electroweak chiral Lagrangian.

  • Malkawi, Yuan
  • Published 1995 in Physical review. D, Particles and fields


We study large top quark mass effects on low energy physics in the chiral Lagrangian formulated electroweak theories. We show that these radiative corrections can be easily obtained from a set of Feynman diagrams involving only the scalar Goldstone bosons and the fermions when the contributions of the order g (the weak coupling) are ignored. Using CERN LEP and SLAC Linear Collider (SLC) data we constrain on the nonstandard couplings, which might originate from the spontaneous symmetry-breaking sector, of the top quark to the electroweak gauge bosons. PACS numbers: 14.65.Ha, 12.39.Fe, 12.60.-i


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