[Transfusion of incompatible blood from the aspect of forensic serology].


Based on their own practice, the authors give an account of the possibility to use forensic serology when resolving problems of transfusion of incompatible blood in the ABO system. Conventional serological examination of erythrocytes and serum of the recipient--because of haemolysis of the administered blood cells--usually does not provide a picture of the antigenic structure of the donor and thus it does not provide evidence on transfusion of incompatible blood. According to practical experience examination of the blood stain of the recipient by the absorption elution test, incl. assessment of group antigens A and B, should be helpful, as the latter can be detected despite haemolysis of red cells. The authors recommend in subjects who died, to supplement the above procedure by the method of immunohistological examination of tissues to define more accurately their antigenic structure in the ABO system.


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