A novel technique to enhance throughput and fairness over wireless mesh networks


Introduction Wireless Mesh Networks have gained a huge popularity for the last few years due to their advantages of self-organizing, rapid deployment, and easy maintenance. Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) are multi-hop networks classified into three categories: Infrastructure-less WMNs, infrastructure WMNs, and hybrid WMNs. Infrastructure-less WMNs consist of mesh clients which can communicate only with each other directly in an ad hoc manner. Infrastructure WMNs where a hierarchal architecture is existed consisted of a backbone of mesh routers and mesh clients, mesh clients access the wireless network through mesh routers only. Mesh routers, then, can serve as bridges to connect the wireless network to the internet. Finally, hybrid WMN is similar to infrastructure WMN; however, a mesh client can access the wireless networks through another mesh client [1].


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